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Digital measurement

We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Marketing

Use the power of micro-moment inception and expand your advertising channels to real-life, with the same measurement capabilities you expect from digital.

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Conversion Rate

Improve Your Marketing Funnel Conversion Rate by adding different channels to your marketing improves conversion and creates more leads. Vivvion sets you apart from the competition by building credibility.

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Brand Awareness

85% of consumers see Vivvion's advertisement display and notice the ad message you displayed – making Vivvion perfect for highlighting your brand and promoting offers. We help you build brand recognition.

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Reach Relevant

Target an audience that will pay attention to your ad. Vivvion is positioned in highly visible, heavy-traffic restaurants with people in their teens to young adults. Vivvion allows you to deliver high frequency and continuity of messages throughout the year.

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Save time,
Gain Leads

Identify and qualify potential customers for your product or service. Generate sign-ups and downloads for launches, events, and digital products. We believe that a warm lead is a step closer to getting a deal. There is no better feeling than closing a deal.

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Your brand message. Our digital canvases

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Why Should You Advertise with Vivvion? 10X higher engagement than regular ad formats. Reach Potential Consumers Everywhere.

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